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My experience & 6 quick tips

Hello lovely! Have you ever had an experience of everything going crazy around you and you have lots to do, things to be responsible for etc… And all you wanted to do is run?! Well… contrary to popular belief, it’s often counter productive to not run away and to keep going full steam ahead. It’s actually often much better to RUN… temporarily… and come back to it with a clear mind. I’m a keen supporter of the Spanish lifestyle of afternoon siestas, despite being Scottish. I actually didn’t realise until this week but the way I manage staff is considered a productive philosophy (Yay!) – in every situation where I’ve been the manager, including on promotional jobs where I’ve thought I’ve been naughty for applying my way of thinking, I have managing way that always works for me – 50 minutes work and 10 minutes break, every hour. It makes staff (and myself) refreshed and able to focus more on work and do better work rather than battling on de-motivated and ending up clock watching. I’ll write a blog post on the 50/10 rule another time, but my point is that it is often better to take a brief break from the craziness to focus, rather than continuing on the same path and ending up frazzled 🙂

I was inspired to write this blog post by a couple of things that happened in my life this week actually, I had another subject planned but I really felt I had to put this out there because although I do have an awesome life, it’s through choices that I make – not because things don’t happen to me. Literally, LOTS has happened to me, but I’m actually grateful these days because I’m able to deal with so much because of it, plus what you GROW through shapes you for the better…

So what experiences inspired this blog post?

Well, the other day I decided to change my schedule with no actual reason behind it whatsoever, or maybe there was? My little one went to nap before having lunch and whilst she was asleep I opened a double over head cupboard’s door… and it COLLAPSED on me!! The whole cupboard and its contents, which weighed a tonne, fell on top of me but was caught by my Daughter’s HIGH CHAIR!! If I hadn’t changed our schedule, she would have been having lunch IN THE HIGH CHAIR. The cupboard falling would have probably killed her, instantly. Wow. I was SHOCKED. I was also SO SO SO SO GRATEFUL that she was asleep upstairs. It was also incredibly time consuming cleaning up something I didn’t expect to happen, making inquiries to get it sorted, running the businesses and of course doing wonderful Mummy duties. The next day something else happened… I woke up to a bird in my bathroom! I LOVE animals, but I don’t particularly like them coming in to my home, unless of course they were my pets haha… I especially feel that birds carry a lot of germs, so this was another pretty big clean up task. I do have a cleaner but funnily both incidents happened on the days that she doesn’t work haha. Thank God I had Christmas planned early this year, everything was sorted by the end of September and my little ones birthday is coming up too – having everything organised early probably helped me to stay focused as well, as organising and planning in advance of course lowers the likelihood of stressful situations.

So here are 6 little tips that I’ve picked up over the years which I apply to my busy life when things go a little crazy:

  1. Count to ten! Relax and take deep breaths whilst counting to ten! 🙂 simple, yet very effective.
  2. Ask yourself, will this period of craziness matter in one, two or even ten years? Probably not, so don’t stress it! Visualise yourself in ten years looking back on the crazy situation. You might even find it funny in ten years.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether that’s at school, you might need to chat with your teacher or parent/guardian about a solution to a stressy school situation, or it could be at work that you need a little assistance with a task, go ahead and ask! Maybe you need to take on a member of staff in your business, or ask a virtual assistant for help? The worst thing to do is to try and deal with too much alone, success comes from having a good team and support around you. Don’t let pride get in the way of something amazing!
  4. Talk to someone – sometimes just speaking to someone who isn’t involved in your crazy situation can offer some momentum and even offloading helps on its own. They might even help you laugh about it 🙂
  5. Consider meditation or prayer. If meditation is right up your street, then go for it! If prayer is more your thing, pray. If you’re not in to either of them, then tell yourself that everything is going to be okay, the craziness will pass etc, I’m all for positive affirmations – sometimes we spend so much time encouraging other people and we actually need to encourage ourselves as well! So keep re-affirming positive thoughts and situations until you believe them! Cancel out the negative thoughts as well. Your mind is a very powerful tool.
  6. Get some exercise, or even just a bit of fresh air. Taking just ten minutes out to be with nature, or to ride a bike or go for a jog will really benefit you in not only refreshing your mind and helping you clear the junk and craziness out, but the feel good endorphin’s from a bit of exercise will certainly be rather helpful too! 🙂

So, remember that not many things last forever, crazy things pass but also good things pass as well – so be grateful for all the good things in your life and focus on the positives, grow from the negatives.

Love Kim xX

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