About BestModelingTips.com

There are lots of scam artists in the modeling and fashion industry, particularly preying on people who want to become a model! BestModelingTips.com was conceived by successful international model Kim Calera with an aim to educate models and wannabe models on how to spot scam artists, fakes and predators to help them stay away from them, how to survive the trials and tribulations of the modelling industry and how to be successful in such a hard industry.

Kim has been mentoring models since 2009 and in 2014 she began teaching classes and workshops on how to become a model, catwalk training, lifestyle choices, casting etiquette and method acting through her company Catwalk & Confidence. Teaching classes in person (as much as Kim totally loves it!!!) is limited, which is problematic as Kim wants to reach everyone out there who wants to become a model and HELP them with the best education, coaching, tips and tools! The solution = BestModelingTips.com.

very important goal of BestModelingTips.com is to keep models and potential models on the right track and away from the horrible pitfalls of the industry such as drugs and alcohol abuse, predators, eating disorders and bad lifestyle choices. At BestModelingTips.com, we are very passionate about positive encouragement and positive life in general with a specific love for helping others think different to the ‘norm’ and “master their mindset” in order to feel great, wholesome and more confident, as well as achieve goals and dreams.

About Kim Calera

Kim Calera is a Mummy, model, actress, coach and award-winning entrepreneur. Kim also mentors people in the entertainment/modelling industry. Kim is British and grew up in Scotland.


Kim Calera’s modeling career started in 2004 when she was 14. Kim attended a Sugar Magazine roadshow in Scotland which was sponsored by Rimmel Cosmetics and it was there that she entered the Sugar/Rimmel modelling competition, she made the final out of thousands of entrants and was subsequently scouted by top model agent Storm and an agent in Scotland. Since then, Kim has enjoyed travelling the world modelling.

Kim Calera has featured in many well known British advertising campaigns for established household brands such as Canon, Beauchamps and Toni & Guy.

Kim is an acclaimed international model, having modelled in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She has worked for clients such as Roberto Cavalli, Vogue and was a spokesmodel for Anju Modi at Bangalore Fashion Week 2010 and Kim was the face of Tips & Toes cosmetics.

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Kim Calera in Canon Europe printer campaign

Kim Calera has competed in Beauty Pageants and became a Beauty Queen when she won Miss West Lothian in 2007, she was a finalist in Miss Scotland 2007 and 2009. Kim was also a finalist in Miss Every Model 2012 and 2nd runner up in Miss Peterborough 2012, both were official heats of Miss England and Miss World.


Kim Calera trained in acting from a young age and her most recent training was at Anna Scher Theatre School in London. Kim has acted in TV Commercials for companies such as MTV, Bacardi and MTS Mobile. She has appeared in films as a featured extra and was the body double for lead actress Rhona Mitra in the movie Doomsday. Kim was the lead actress in the short film Suspicious Casting.

Award-Winning Entrepreneur

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Winner: Kim Calera won the (London Borough of) Hammersmith & Fulham Heroes Award in 2013

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Finalist: Kim Calera was a finalist in the South Kesteven Pioneers (Business Innovation) Awards in 2015

In 2011, after a bad experience with an agent in India, Kim decided to start up a jewellery business and become her own boss, whilst still modeling but only taking the assignments that really excited her. The business gave 10% of its profits to an orphanage in India, Kim has always believed that it is important to help others if you can. Kim sold the jewellery business and set up a business which focuses on manufacturing and branding. She won the (London Borough of) Hammersmith & Fulham Heroes Entrepreneur Award in 2013 and was a finalist in the South Kesteven Pioneers Business Innovation awards 2015 with her business Catwalk & Confidence. Catwalk & Confidence is a provider of modelling classes and workshops. BestModelingTips.com, a long-term goal and passion of Kim’s – is a company based on positive values, its purpose is to help girls to become models worldwide whilst staying out of danger, away from scams (and dodgy people) and having the right support from a modelling expert to become amazingly successful!


Kim has a wonderful, amazing and beautiful toddler   and has become a multi-tasking mumpreneur/momager as she manages her child’s modelling and acting career as well as her own work schedule and the awesome demands of motherhood.


Kim has been a personal mentor to people in the modelling industry and one person in the acting industry since 2009. Kim also runs sessions for people who want to get into these industries, or who are in the industries but want help with the direction their careers are going or to overcome hurdles.

 Personal Interests

Kim is passionate about equality and justice. She is wholeheartedly against gossip, bullying and bringing others down. Kim believes in supporting others, striving to be a better you than you were yesterday instead of comparing and competing against others and she likes to find a positive in every situation. Kim and her family have an organic home cooked diet, unfortunately home cooked food seems to be rare in this day and age, with convenience food being so popular, Kim supports a change in popularity, price (healthy food should be cheaper than junk food!) and the promotion of long-term benefits of good health, instead of short-term ease.

Home Education

Kim goes against the ‘social norm’ by “home” educating her Daughter. Her Daughter learns through experiences, travel, events, creativity, freedom, work (she’s a child model/actor) and through gentle parental encouragement. Kim is passionately against punishment and reward, instead opting for supporting, guiding and encouraging through all experiences. Kim believes that children should not be forced to learn anything when they aren’t ready to do so and everything Kim teaches her Daughter is child-led: training an independent, confident, aware and wholesome wonderful mini entrepreneur whose happiness comes well before grades and fitting in.