Can good come from being HURT?


Of course good things can come from being hurt.

You can grow from being hurt (it often doesn’t seem like that at the time though). You can grow from every experience that you have, good and bad, but HOW exactly do you grow from being hurt?

The main thing is to ALLOW YOURSELF to feel it and know this before you get hurt, before your usual defense mechanisms kick in. Give yourself some time to be upset, angry, in denial etc. Too often people think they need to put on a brave face, or they are told to be strong and by that they mean get over it already… But by not allowing yourself to feel the pain, you’re preventing yourself from growing and setting yourself up for many more problems. We have to go through things to learn how to deal with things better next time and the best way to learn is to FEEL. Now, I’m not saying that you should feel it forever, that would be a massive problem, but for some time – feel the pain.hurt quote pic

Make a plan to FEEL the pain for a certain time period, set a specific date on which you will STOP thinking about the pain and try something new, maybe even try something scary. Then evaluate what’s gone on.

Also take time to make sure you will remember what’s gone on, what’s hurt you, how you have felt and that you got through it- it will help you to deal with similar in the future.

Helpful exercises:

ASK yourself ‘how do I feel? then write it down!

ASK yourself ‘what can I learn from this experience?’ then write it down!

ASK yourself ‘how could I have done ______ better?’ then write it down!

ASK yourself ‘how can I use this experience to help others?’ then write it down!

WRITE a list of what you’re grateful for.

PRAYMEDITATE, or RELAX AND VISUALISE yourself going through it, then sorting it out and how much better you feel.

These are just a few exercises to help you GROW when you get hurt. These can be used in business, personal life and of course in modeling.

NEVER, EVER bottle up your feelings because that you need to be strong for others around you… what you NEED, is to grow from the experience, learn from it and that is truly being strong for others around you. If you keep feelings bottled up they only come out in worse ways such as becoming bitter, holding yourself back, self destructing or hurting those who care about you. “GET BETTER, NOT BITTER!”

Another amazing way to grow from your experience of getting hurt is by using it to HELP OTHERS! Something simple like sharing your experience to someone else who is experiencing, or has just experienced similar will help you both, or you could go a step further and look at something such as volunteering to help others. Showing others that you’ve been through similar can often be their ‘light at the end of the tunnel moment’ so, use your amazing strength to help yourself and to help others at the same time. I’m proud of you!!!!


Love Kim xX

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