Ditch negative people!!


There is no disputing that negative people bring you down, no matter how strong you are, they’ll affect you even just a little bit, eventually.

If you’re around positive, or even just neutral people then count yourself very VERY fortunate!! But if you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’ve got at least one negative person in your life.

Negative people struggle not to moan about everything, they can find something bad in every situation, even the most AMAZING situation!!! Spending just five minutes with a negative person can leave you feeling like you need a sleep to recharge! Having someone close to you who is constantly negative is DRAINING… If there’s a distant relative or a friend who leaves you feeling drained due to their negativity, ditch them!! Honestly, do not feel bad about looking after your own mental well being!! When it comes to someone close to you that you can’t always get away from, then we need to find ways to best deal with them.

Here are seven ways to deal with negative nancy’s:

  1. Set Boundaries – You don’t need to be around negative nancy whenever he/she wants you to be, or even when he/she demands you to be around them. For your own wellbeing you should set strict boundaries for yourself and stick to them. Maybe that would be five minutes with said person and then you go and do your own thing for the rest of the day. If you spend all day with them you’ll be sucked in to the negativity.
  2. Ignore The Negativity – It’s sometimes so hard not to react to some absolutely ridiculous things that come out of negative nancy’s mouth, but by reacting to them you’re giving them the energy they crave to keep going on their negative crusade. I always think of them as emotional vampires, they feed off your reaction, starve them of that reaction that they need to keep going and it gets a bit easier to deal with them.
  3. Turn The Conversation To Positive – This one is much easier to do as soon as the negativity starts, or actually even before the negativity you could keep things positive and upbeat, maybe even offering a compliment on the way they handled something. By speaking positively it will combat the negativity, you can’t fight negativity with negativity so you mustn’t let it infect you and make you become negative, or angry at the negative nancy for being negative. Like attracts like, so be positive and attract more positive πŸ™‚
  4. Hang Out With Positive People – Hanging around with positive people will help you charge your batteries up for when you need to spend your five minutes with negative nancy.
  5. Have Group Get Togethers – Instead of it being just you and negative nancy, try to have a group of at least three people, at least the negativity will be distributed around everyone and diluted, rather than all the negativity just being spewed at one person.
  6. Try To Do Something You Love Everyday – This one is very important for those who live with or are very close to a negative nancy and can’t avoid all contact with them. Doing something you love will give you the energy to deal with negative nancy.
  7. Shield Yourself – [This one may be a bit airy fairy for some but it works for me and it might work for you,give it a try] Visualise an actual shield around you, which will protect you from the negativity. Your protection from negativity will deplete fast when spending time with a negative nancy though, so be sure to keep renewing yourself through visualisation exercises and doing activities that you love (without the negative nancy, as they’ll probably try to put a dampener on your favourite activity if they participate).

Note: I have purposely given negative nancy a lower case ‘n’ because capital letters are significant and negativity should always be insignificant! πŸ™‚

You really need positive people around you to be successful and reach your goals, surround yourself with people on the same level as you or a bit higher, it’s so much easier for negative nancy’s to pull us pretty positives down than for us to pull them up – sometimes people are never going to change, other times they need space to change by themselves – we have to look after ourselves first, it’s not that we don’t love them – it’s just often better for our sanity to love them from a distance. These are tried and tested methods by the way, I’ve been there – in order to be successful you have to leave toxic people behind.


Got your own stories on how you deal with negative nancy’s? Sharing is caring! Let us all know πŸ™‚

Love Kim xX

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