Episode 5 – Could My Child Model

could my child model, best modeling tips podcast, how to become a model, positive mindset, motivational podcast, modelling, modelingPODCAST EPISODE 5: COULD MY CHILD BE A MODEL?

Welcome to Best Modeling Tips Podcast Episode 5: Could My Child Be A Model? In this podcast episode I chat briefly about the general requirements of a child model and what the next steps should be if your child meets those requirements. Please note that I do mention on the podcast that I have a migraine (I’ve had it for a few days now) but I persevere 🙂 this episode isn’t as long as my normal podcast episodes, but I do hope that you understand why 🙂

There is more information on child modelling on my blog post titled “Could My Child Be A Model?” coming out on Sunday! Love Kim xX


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