Episode 6 – You cannot keep THIS a secret!

could my child model, best modeling tips podcast, how to become a model, positive mindset, motivational podcast, modelling, modelingPodcast Episode 6 – You cannot keep THIS a secret!

Well hello!! In this podcast there is a secret that needs to be revealed to the whole world!! This weeks podcast is about my Halloween experience and how similar it is to business, modelling and everything fabulous really, listen for the secret reveal at around the half way point!!

I do need to clarify that I’m honestly not saying another word for bum in this podcast, I’ve now realised that I need to work on my pronunciation of ‘assets’ haha… I’ll blame the Scottish accent this time. Enjoy shouting about this wonderful secret and please do get in touch!!

Love Kim xX

EP 6 – You cannot keep THIS a secret!

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