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what is modellingWhat is fashion modeling?

Fashion modeling is, in my opinion, an amazing art form. I love that fashion models tend to look like their unique selves. I love that in fashion modelling you are encouraged to be unique, in fact, generally, the more unique you are, the more successful you are.

Fashion modeling is the type of modelling where you work with designers – from haute couture designers to high street designers. If you become a fashion model, you will find yourself modeling fashion in magazines, catalogues, in advertising campaigns on billboards and on television, even in films. Modelling fashion is not just about clothes, you can model fashion jewellery, accessories, cosmetics and anything, in fact, but you will usually be modelling fashion clothes. If you were to become a fashion model, you could also work in fashion houses, being their fitting model. Sometimes fashion models can cross over and be a commercial model, too, but that depends on your look.

Fashion models are usually tall, their measurements are in proportion and they have good skin, teeth etc. There are exceptions though, I’ve done lots of fashion modeling all over the world and I’m only 5ft 7ins (on a good day, lol!). There are plenty of models with funny teeth as well, that makes them unique… so don’t ever be put off by “requirements” if something is your dream… it can be done, it might be extremely hard, but nothing is ever impossible 🙂 There are, of course, some secrets to achieving modelling success when you don’t exactly fit the “requirements” and that is something I reveal in my fashion modeling course 😉

How to be a fashion model

There are no specific qualifications that you need to become a fashion model, however to be a successful fashion model you need an amazing attitude, the right strategies in place, a good business head (entrepreneurial) and a great fashion modelling agent that you get and who also gets you too is very beneficial as well.

If you want help, model training or model guidance to become a truly successful model, I teach a fashion modelling course and the main benefits of taking any of my courses are that they will give you the short cuts, strategies, secrets and my experience, which will fast track you to modelling success as well as prepare your mindset for success and help you be entrepreneurial and a real go-getter.

Fashion models will usually be signed to a fashion models agency or they can also become a freelance model, but freelance modeling is harder than being represented by fashion modeling agencies. It’s also usually more risky, but being a freelance model does mean that you can basically be your own boss and you can be paid more as you won’t need to give commission to any fashion modelling agencies. It’s wise to weigh up the pros and cons in line with your own dreams etc 🙂

It is always best to have a model contract which states that you can take on freelance modeling work as well as work with your fashion modeling agency. Don’t just settle for the first contract you’re offered if it’s not really that great.

Fashion modelling courses

There are a few modelling classes out there that offer catwalk training and sometimes model pose guidance, however my modelling courses cover EVERYTHING you need to become a successful model and you’ve got me for support. It is not for everyone because not everyone actually REALLY wants to become a successful model when it comes down to it, but if you are serious about modelling, you don’t want to be scammed, you want to learn how to become a model, you want to get help from a real successful model & model coach and you want the shortcuts & secrets to be able to fast track your career, then you are probably the right person for BestModelingTips modeling courses. If you’re not interested in making life changing decisions and working with me to actually succeed and you’d prefer to keep dreaming, not invest in your career and maybe even sign up to a scam model agency, assessment or portfolio day because it seems cheaper (those scams always have extra or hidden costs) than a real opportunity for success like BestModelingTips courses and coaching then these courses are not for you. These courses are for those who are serious about success only!

My fabulous online modelling courses are coming very soon! If you would like to reserve your place on the fashion modelling online course now at the heavily discounted pre-release price of £100, please register below. (50% deposit will be required, you’ll be sent a secure link to pay).

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