How to be confident

how to be confident, how to be more confident, how to get confidence, get more confident, be more confidentSeven quick tips on how to be confident:

  1. Believe in yourself, believe how beautiful you are and what awesomeness you bring to this world. Tell yourself this every day.
  2. Stop doubting yourself! All that does is kill your ambition and motivation, nothing good comes from doubt! There’s a saying that goes something like this “If you believe you can then you will, if you believe you can’t then you won’t.” You really need to replace can’t with can, even if that’s just telling yourself that you can soon, rather than you can’t right now – speak positivity over your life!
  3. Be proud of your strengths and accept your weaknesses, attempt to improve your weaknesses if it really bothers your life, but actually focusing on your strengths and getting someone else to help with your weaknesses that are their strengths is so much better and more productive for life.
  4. Learn how to walk well. There is so much power in the way that you walk. Invest in some catwalk training.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people. You are a product of your surroundings, make sure only positive people are having an input in your life, if you’re surrounded by negativity then it’s going to be extra HARD to think positively and be confident, you don’t need anyone making it any harder for you. If it’s easy enough, just remove them from your life – obviously some situations can be harder than other, for instance if they’re s parent, guardian or sibling and you still live at home.
  6. Do some visualisation exercises, the ones I use are in my book, but you could find others I’m sure.
  7. Learn a new skill, maybe you’ve been itching to do something for a while but you’ve been too scared to take the jump in to the unknown – honestly just do it, because the only way to get over fears is to face them. The right time will not just arrive, you have to decide that now is the right time and just go for it. I bet you’ll feel amazing afterwards!

These are just a few tips on how to be confident, if you want to know more about this subject then you could buy my book as there is a whole chapter on how to be confident in relation to the modelling industry, business and general life. Here’s the link to buy directly from this website:

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how to be confident, how to be more confident, how to get confidence, get more confident, be more confident

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