How to be successful at ANYTHING!


I’m sure everyone wants to succeed, but not many will actually practice this, which is why major success is often deemed as unobtainable by some people… Major success is OBTAINABLE. You just have to truly want it with all of your heart, have a burning desire and take the right actions. Too many people write things off before even trying them. If you don’t try then you definitely won’t succeed… so give this a try… You might will succeed if you stick to it!


1. Write down your goal(s)

There is so much power in writing your goals and dreams down. Don’t just think about them, or daydream about them, write every single detail of your goals and dreams down! 

2. Now write a CLEAR plan

How can you achieve these goals and dreams? Write down plan A, plan B and plan C for achieving these awesome goals and dreams. Have clear steps, they don’t have to be huge steps, even baby steps are better than no steps at all.

3. Self belief

If you don’t believe in you, how can you expect anyone else to? Speak positive things over your life, think positively, tell yourself positive things every day, if you catch yourself about to say something negative about yourself, STOP! 

4. Take action

Positive thoughts don’t work unless you also take positive action and a plan without action is merely just a wish… so go out there and get it! Amazing things very very rarely land on peoples laps, as the saying goes ‘nothing worth having comes easy’. 

5. Persistence and consistence

Be persistent! You WILL get there in the end. Perseverance wins the prize and consistency keeps it! You’re not going to be successful if you aren’t focused on your goal/dream and if you’re all upside down. Know what you want and chase it confidently with clear values, principles and a purpose driven plan!

6. Accountability

Get a mentor, preferably someone successful in the field you want to get in to, or someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve or at least tell your goals and your deadlines for each stages of achieving your goals to someone that you trust (who will not speak negativity over your plans such telling you it’s not achievable, the goal is too big or that you’re living in a fantasy land, or even just someone who has non supportive body language, it needs to be someone who will support you and encourage you) – be accountable to them and they’ll help to motivate you when you need that little boost, or they’ll give you a kick up the bum when you’re slacking and they’ll be there to cheer you on and celebrate when you achieve each stage of your goals. There’s also a lot of power in knowing that someone knows what you’re supposed to be doing towards your goals.

7. Be a leader, not a boss

I cannot stress this one enough!!! If you’re a good role model or a good leader then not only will people want to help you towards your goals, you’ll be helping other people towards their goals too! If you have a boss attitude then no one will respect you, because your actions and attitude will reflect that you don’t even respect them. You can’t do this alone, you need others help and they also need your help. So lead the team to success 🙂

Love Kim xX

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About the author: Kim Calera is a successful international model from Scotland, she has worked all over the world since age 14 and is still a working model now, albeit her genre has changed since she first started modelling. Kim Calera has worked for designers such as Roberto Cavalli, she has walked in Fashion Weeks worldwide and Kim has also been a spokesmodel for a top prestigious designer in India, the face of Tips and Toes cosmetics in Asia and Kim has fronted many advertising campaigns for household names such as Canon, Toni & Guy and Schwarzkopf. Kim has acted in various commercials, short films and feature films and was most notably the body double for Hollywood actress Rhona Mitra in blockbuster “Doomsday” as well as the lead actress in commercials across the world.  Kim is also an award winning entrepreneur after winning the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Heroes Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 award and being a finalist in the business innovation South Kesteven Pioneers Awards 2015, with a couple of businesses under her belt. She loves to help as many people as possible with her expert knowledge on how to become a model, trade secrets and personal experience of the modeling industry and in entrepreneurial businesses. Kim genuinely cares about helping people to become a model(the best way), stopping those who want to be models from falling in to traps, being scammed or being exploited and abused. Kim is qualified in counselling, psychology and sociology and has a passion for positivity and encouragement.


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