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​Kim Calera

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A complete guide to becoming a successful model in 2017:
  • Avoid scams. With so many scams out there targeting new models, it's hard to know who is legitimate. You'll get a list of all known model scams and instructions on how to spot scams yourself.
  • Get modelling jobs. Getting modelling jobs is not all about looks, you'll learn how to impress clients, make yourself their first choice model and bag your dream modeling job!
  • Become a successful model. My book provides a step–by–step plan, advice and resources - everything you need to become a successful model, from a successful model.

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Amy, Amazon Customer

I ordered my copy after hearing about it from my friend. I didn't know about unique selling points before reading this book and to be honest I really don't think I ever would have if I hadn't read the book, but now after following the advice I know how to sell my uniqueness that other people don't have.

The confidence building chapter has really helped me, there are some exercises that the author who is a model uses to be confident and they helped me too. The how to find modelling opportunities and modelling resources chapters are a bit advanced for me, there are marketing tips and internet marketing tools mentioned that I didn't know existed, but I am going to book one of Kim Calera's mentor sessions to get her help with that bit.

With This Book You'll Be Able To:


Imagine finding out you've been scammed out of hundreds or thousands of pounds and your modelling dreams have been shattered! Thankfully, you never have to go through that because this book will teach you how to spot modeling scams and you will get a list of all model scams.


After you read this book you will be able to find yourself freelance modelling jobs straight away! Why wait on employers deciding if you're right for them? You will be able to take your future in to your own hands. You will also get details of my contacts - people who all played parts in my modelling success.


A good modelling agent that believes in you and puts you forward for the best jobs can fast track you to success as a top model. With the right agent you can be a super successful model.


Your Unique Selling Point will set you apart from every other model out there. You will get help to find your Unique Selling Point in this book. This is something unique to this book. 

About the Author: Kim Calera

I (Kim Calera) am very blessed to be an international model who has modelled for huge clients such as Vogue magazine, Aptamil, Asiana magazine, Canon Europe, Toni & Guy, Roberto Cavalli, Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. I was the face of Tips & Toes Cosmetics in Asia & UAE.

I have also acted in fabulous films and TV Commercials for the likes of MTV, Hewlett Packard & Bacardi. I have even been the body double for Hollywood actress Rhona Mitra in the hit blockbuster movie "Doomsday".

I became a fashion model at age 14. That was in 2004 and I still model with my husband & children as a model family.
In 2009 I started mentoring upcoming models. ❤️

I'm so humbled to have been responsible for the success of many models since 2009.

What People Are Saying

Swani Gulshan, Asiana Wedding Magazine

“You're not just a pretty face... a model, actress, business owner, is there anything you can't do?”

Amy Childs, Reality TV Star & Entrepreneur

"You have an amazing portfolio & I love how you look in a Saari!"

Faye Sampson, Faye Sampson Photography

“You were the perfect model, I can't believe you posed outside for so long with so little on and didn't complain once. You have a very professional attitude and I know you will go far.

Malika Jafrin, Make-up Artist & Owner of Malika Jafrin Make-up Academy

“You are one of my favourite models”

Your step-by-step guide to becoming a model:

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