How to get an agent

Here are nine tips on how to get an agent and become a model:

1 – Find out what your modelling genre is. You could use my book: LINK>> How to become a model written by a REAL working model Kim Calera’ which explains all of the genre’s and helps you determine which avenue of modelling your look is right for and also what you’re comfortable with doing.

2 – Submit your photos and details to agencies in your genre ONLY. If you submit to any old agent, or to an agent that you know only represents a certain genre of modelling and you’re in another genre of modelling then you’re only wasting your time and the agencies time. Use your time wisely and only approach the right agencies for you. Again, you can find legitimate agency contact details as well as advice on what modeling genre(s) they represent in my book.

3 – What photos should I submit? Natural snapshots! Send the agency photos in good natural light, with very little or no make-up on. Send them a variety of snapshots showing you from different angles. If they request three photos then stick to three photos – it’s to see if you can follow instruction well, which is a vital skill of modelling.

4 – Attend open casting calls. There’s no better way to show an agent that you are serious about modelling than investing your time in attending an open casting call at their agency. Not all agencies have open casting calls, it’s easy just to call the top agency in your genre and ask them if they have them, if they don’t they’ll tell you what to do next. Be very very careful about attending open casting calls though, you MUST make sure that the agency is legitimate, otherwise you could be putting yourself in a REALLY dangerous situation. Take someone along with you, even if they’re a legitimate agency – safety in numbers 🙂

5 – Attend your appointment if you haven’t gone to an open casting. Be ON TIME! Don’t turn up drunk or smelling of cigarettes and give yourself plenty of time to get there so that you’re not sweaty or flustered. Wear heels if you’re a girl, but be prepared to take them off.

6 – Be POLITE. There is nothing worse than a bad attitude. If you can’t respect others, be friendly and be polite then you’re not going to work well in the modelling industry and so the agent won’t take you on. Sure supermodels make the news for being fiesty, but when they’re at work they’re not full of bad attitude, otherwise they wouldn’t have got so far!

7 – Be polite, even if they REJECT you. You might not be right for them at that time, six months later they might want to take you on because your look is ‘in’. They will write you off forever if you don’t deal with rejection well, not only because you may have been horrible to them, but also because you need to be able to take rejection on a daily basis in the modelling industry. 5/10 castings will be rejections. Don’t take it personal – you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

8 – Network! Network! Network! “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

9 – Enjoy yourself! You’re a million times more attractive when you’re happy, plus there’s no point in doing it if you don’t enjoy it.

Love Kim xX

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About the author: Kim Calera is a successful international model from Scotland, she has worked all over the world since age 14 and is still a working model now, albeit her genre has changed since she first started modelling. Kim Calera has worked for designers such as Roberto Cavalli, she has walked in Fashion Weeks worldwide and Kim has also been a spokesmodel for a top prestigious designer in India, the face of Tips and Toes cosmetics in Asia and Kim has fronted many advertising campaigns for household names such as Canon, Toni & Guy and Schwarzkopf. Kim has acted in various commercials, short films and feature films and was most notably the body double for Hollywood actress Rhona Mitra in blockbuster “Doomsday” as well as the lead actress in commercials across the world.  Kim is also an award winning entrepreneur after winning the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Heroes Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 award and being a finalist in the business innovation South Kesteven Pioneers Awards 2015, with a couple of businesses under her belt. She loves to help as many people as possible with her expert knowledge on how to become a model, trade secrets and personal experience of the modeling industry and in entrepreneurial businesses. Kim genuinely cares about helping people to become a model(the best way), stopping those who want to be models from falling in to traps, being scammed or being exploited and abused. Kim is qualified in counselling, psychology and sociology and has a passion for positivity and encouragement.

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