How to get scouted

SO… you’re wondering ‘how do I get scouted?’

You want to become a model and you’re in the right place! There are lots of ways to get scouted, but these, in my opinion are the best ideas on how to get scouted with the most chance of getting a successful modeling career out of it. Here is a list of my favourite places to get scouted and some tips on how to stand out in those situations to get scouted and become a model:

Music festivals

Here are a couple of tips on how to get scouted at music festivals:

What to wear? Wear your coolest ‘out there’ outfit, leave your hair natural. Don’t wear sunglasses or hats when you’re trying to get spotted.

Where to hang out? Do your research before you go to the music festival because sometimes top agencies will have a stand to promote their agency and scout new models or a chill out area where their models who are attending the festival can mingle. These would of course be the most important places to hang out, but if your favourite festival doesn’t have a particular place for models or scouts then to get scouted avoid being hidden in the crowds. It’s okay to look awkward and stand on your own in the middle of the festival – people will spot you and it could be your new modeling agent. Have fun and take lots of photos of you having fun in a happy, slightly crazy way! You’ll create a buzz around you which will attract the scouts. Don’t be tempted to create drama or negative attention around you, no scout will bother with someone like that, you need to be easy to get on with to be a model.

Fashion shows

Here are a couple of tips on how to get scouted at fashion shows:

What to wear? Wear your funkiest fitted outfit in that seasons brightest colour or pattern (fitted to show your body shape). Put on your most attention grabbing heels. Again, do not wear hats or glasses as they obscure/change the way you look.

Where to hang out? The front row! Or as close as you can get to the front row, all the important people are on the front row and they could scout you for their next project. Don’t fret if you can’t get near the front row as there will be scouts looking for ‘normal’ people everywhere. Stand up straight and scour the room, not just with your eyes, move your head, pretend to be looking at something far away in the distance – scouts at fashion weeks will spot you standing out, but at fashion shows you can’t act like you did at music festivals, you need to create ‘quiet attention’ so look interesting!

Events like Clothes Show Live

Here are a couple of tips on how to get scouted at trendy events:

What to wear? You can go to events like this in jeans and a plain white or plain black t-shirt and be scouted if you have the potential because model scouts swarm to these kind of events in their hundreds. But to increase your chances wear the same kind of outfit as you would at a fashion show as listed above.

Where to hang out? Top modeling agencies will often have a presence at these events, similar to what they have at music festivals. They might even be advertising a scouting event, competition or a public fashion show – take part in that event, it’s much easier than walking around or hanging around trying to get scouted. If there aren’t any competitions or scouting events being advertised then hang out at a juice or salad bar (they’re looking for healthy models) or walk around in your best runway walk and act like you’re searching for someone or something (you’ll be moving your head in all angles again, so you’ll be making it easier for the scout to spot you) and spend all day there as well, even if you’ve seen everything three times!

Going about your daily life

Many supermodels have been scouted at airports, on holiday and even in fast food restaurants.

Here are a couple of tips on how to get scouted when you’re just going about your daily life:

What to wear? Always look your natural best with clean loose hair. Skinny jeans and a fitted top is a good casual outfit choice to get scouted in, the odds of being scouted in a tracksuit are very very very very slim. If you’re wearing make-up then keep it natural, just cover up some spots with light foundation or concealer, wear a tiny bit of mascara and very lightly fill in your eyebrows (they’re a very important, if not the most important, part of your face) and don’t be afraid to put temporary bright colours in your hair or express yourself with something a bit funky, whilst keeping your facial features natural. Don’t get facial piercings.  Look your casual best or dress up a bit funkier, but fitted clothes and natural make-up are a must. If you can walk in heels in your daily life then wear your most comfortable heels.

Remember not to do anything which could be deemed as offensive when you’re in public and always keep your reputation in good stead. Walk like you’re on the catwalk and soon you might just be! 🙂 I can mentor you to modelling success! With packages starting from just £199, I can help you make your modelling dreams come true. Visit the training page for more information.

Love Kim xX

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