I Want To Be A Model But I Hate My _______

So you want to be a model, but you think that because you’re not perfect then it’s not possible…


Nobody is perfect! Your imperfections are actually what make you unique in the modelling world. You want to stand out, embrace your imperfections, in fact flaunt them! Every single model has some kind of hang up about their body, every.single.one! We didn’t let it stop us, so why should you? There are enough obstacles to climb over towards our dreams and goals, without us placing even more obstacles in the way of our own dreams and goals. 

I get (TOO MANY) emails from girls who want to become models but they don’t think they’re good enough, or they think that because they have a different look then they’re not beautiful. I love receiving these emails because I love to remind them how awesome they actually are and I like to help them, steer them in the right direction, watch them grow, see my advice working for them. However, I also hate receiving these emails because it pains me so much to see what society, the media, advertising etc has done to these girls self-confidence and whole belief system! I feel so strongly about embracing our own selves, who we really are, not who someone else says we should or need to be! We don’t all need to look a certain way, we don’t all need to dress a certain way and we don’t all need to follow the same directions in life. We get fed this garbage in order to make other people money! STOP LISTENING! STOP MAKING THEM MONEY! START MAKING YOUR OWN MONEY! 

Honestly, the more genuine and true to your real self you are, the more money you’ll make, the more valuable you will be and feel & the more peaceful/happier you’ll be. People don’t make fortunes by being just like everyone else and following the crowd. People make fortunes (& change the world 🙂 ) by being different, from creating their own path, their own style, from being bold and following their heart no matter what others say!

YOU CAN be a model, if that’s what you truly want to be. Go get your dream!!!


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