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Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly surrounded by a whole load of mess that seemed to appear from nowhere, whether it was actual physical mess or metaphorical? How did you react? I’m actually excited to tell you about my experience with mess a couple of days ago!

Do you know those polystyrene blocks used for packaging? We used to take them outside and grate them on the walls, in Scotland it gets quite windy, so a huge mess would be blown everywhere. The neighbours would complain about the mess (oops) and some of us were told off by our parents, but we had fun doing it!

Well, my Daughter helped to put up and decorate the tree and discovered these little present decorations which were essentially just little blocks of polystyrene wrapped in wrapping paper. For a couple of days she didn’t touch them, then she took an interest in them… A few days ago she decided to make a mess with them! Can you guess what she did? Yep. That’s right, my just turned 2 years old Daughter broke all the polystyrene blocks up, inside the house! So, not even outside like me and my friends used to do, haha! I was in the middle of making dinner whilst she was playing in the living room. I went to check on her and was greeted with a huge mess that seemed to have appeared in the space of two minutes. The photo of my floor on this post is literally just one little corner of the living room… the floor was covered in tiny little polystyrene balls!!

AAAAAGHHHH!!! I will admit that it annoyed me! Mostly because I have some pelvis issues since pregnancy and it hurts to hoover at the best of times, so I was dreading cleaning that up! But! I bit my tongue, smiled at her and went back to making dinner. Two minutes later I popped in to the living room to check on my Daughter again and what I discovered made me SO GLAD that I hadn’t asked my little one to tidy up her mess or tell her that she mustn’t do that. My Daughter had created a beautiful snow scene for her snowman and peppa pig figurines!! She didn’t know I was behind her and continued playing, she was throwing the “snow” over the toys and making them jump in the snow, to make muddy puddles. It melted my heart!!! Some parents would have just seen mess and went mad. I know my Mum would have if I had done that. It was so wonderful to see her using her imagination so well!

Sometimes when we go through something a bit messy we can react in a certain way without thinking things over, but after this humbling experience, I want to encourage you not to react in the moment and to give things a little time. What seems like mess could actually be something really amazing like my Daughter demonstrated.

I think in life we need to trust that ‘mess’ is part of a bigger picture. Sometimes the ‘mess’ is actually really awesome and other times we need to go through a bit of messiness to get to something really awesome. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Let it excite you!



I have always said that I delight in storms, because I know there’s a rainbow and treasure at the other side, something good comes from it even if it isn’t obvious. Every single time I have a ‘messy’ time there is always something good that comes from it… There will be something good in each of your ‘messy’ times too. You just need to be open to it and find it.



Are you dealing with something messy right now? Then now is the perfect time to practice this and become an expert for the next BEAUTIFUL MESS!


This is my last blog post before Christmas, so I’d like to wish you and your family an amazing Christmas and New Year!! I hope you’ve got your 2016 goals all set, if not then make sure you read my next blog which will be on goal setting and how to set goals that you will actually achieve, not the same ones every year that end up being ditched by mid January. Can you please share this blog if you like it? :)



Kim Calera xX🙂

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