Model Competition

Model Competition!

Hi beauty! 🙂 I’m running a model competition/modelling contest for girls in the UK. I’m looking for a girl, or a few girls, who genuinely want to become a model in the UK. All you have to do is be yourself, be honest with me and tell me why you want to be a model.

The winner or winners will get model support, model coaching and model training from me. I’m an experienced model mentor and model coach with professional model coaching experience since 2009. I’m an independent model mentor, so you can trust that I genuinely have your best interests at heart for model guidance, rather than just looking to make money/scam/rip you off like so many people are who prey on beginner/intermediate models (this is one of my main reasons behind setting up and being so passionate about model guidance actually – to give a genuine and credible alternative to these con artists, where I actually work with you personally to help you succeed using my REAL experience, skills and legitimate expert contacts).

I am also an experienced professional model myself and I have been modelling all over the world since 2004. Your model training will include runway training and training on model poses. Your model coaching will include everything you need to become a successful model, from the art of modelling to the business of modeling as well as some mindset work to set you up for success. I will teach you my modelling tips from my own career and modelling tips from my friends who are also successful models as well as disclosing some model secrets.

Watch this short video to hear all about it: 


Please comment below or email me at kim[at] – replace the [at] with @, it’s to stop spam 🙂 – to put yourself forward for this exciting personal model coaching opportunity with me worth over £9k.

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 March to the beat of your own drum! 

Kim Calera xX🙂

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