My friend was murdered


Wow, a strong title, right?

Guys, this is why I’ve been a bit off schedule over the past few days, I’m sure you’ll understand that my brain has been a tiny little bit ‘googly’.

sammi j hewitt

In loving memory of Sammi J Hewitt


sammi j hewitt

Sam: Stunning inside and out

So, it turns out that an old friend and work colleague of mine, Sam, was murdered by her boyfriend who then committed suicide four years ago! How did I not know this at the time? Why did I just find out on FACEBOOK a few days ago? I know I can’t beat myself up about this because the truth is that she was an awesome free spirit who loved to travel, she was from Australia and we worked together in Edinburgh, I’ve been a bit of a free spirit as well myself, working all over the world. Travel is great, but it does mean that you’ll meet lots of people in all different parts of the world who will touch your heart and you may or may not be able to keep in touch, life “gets in the way” and it can end up being years since you last spoke! 


Tragically, there was evidence of relationship problems on her Facebook page, even the day before Sam was murdered by him 🙁 I won’t go in to details on this blog post because reading about what happened was horrible, I actually hyperventilated. Someone so awesome went through something so horrific! Here’s the link to a story about what happened if you do want to read about it:

sammi j hewitt

Creative & awesome, Sammi J Hewitt

You know me, I always turn negatives in to positives, this one was understandably HARD. I won’t lie, I had to take a day out just to process it… but the positive to co
me from this negative is that I got back in touch with quite a few people that I haven’t spoken to in a while, who are close to my heart, but life just “got in the way” and it’s also made me more sensitive to people’s Facebook statuses! You never know what you could help prevent just by simply responding to someone’s Facebook status.

sammi j hewitt

This photo reflects Sam perfectly – bright, daring and funky

Sam and I modeled together in Edinburgh and we also went to the same gigs, she was such a positive delight to chat to! You didn’t actually even need to talk to Sam to see how awesome she was, her positive aura lit up the room.

This should not be happening! A friend from school who I had been best friends with during my adolescent years was murdered by an ex boyfriend too, her name was Natalie, she had a beautiful little girl who was a toddler at the time! Statistics say that 2 women are killed every week in England and Wales by a current or former partner (Office of National Statistics, 2015).

sammi j hewitt

Sammi J Hewitt, a beautiful soul, tragically murdered

Lets arm ourselves with everything we need to fight these horrible people. We need to stop this from happening and it starts with just being there for our friends and family and spotting signs that something might be going on, if someone confides in you about domestic violence or similar please don’t judge them, don’t tell them what they should or shouldn’t do and don’t ask them why they didn’t tell you before – it takes a lot for someone to have the courage to speak about what’s going on or has gone on and the most important thing to them at that moment is that you’re listening, you believe them and you’re supporting them. Obviously, if they are in immediate danger then speak to the police/authorities and get them to safety.

For more information on Domestic Violence please visit the Refuge website:


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