No to perfectionism

Why there’s no room for perfectionism if you’re going to succeed!


Warning: if you’re a sensitive soul you might want to buckle up for the ride! 🙂


What is a perfectionist?

A perfectionist refuses to accept any standard short of perfect.


What does perfectionism do?


You will not succeed at your goal if you’re too worried about it being perfect all the time! There is never a perfect time, there will ALWAYS be tweaks you can do to make things better… Perfect does not exist. The MOST IMPORTANT THINGS are being there in the moment and sharing your talents, skills or knowledge. NOTHING is ever, or will ever be, perfect! So drop the perfectionism and get out there! You owe it to yourself and you owe it to others – so many people can benefit from your talents, skills, knowledge and your journey! Of course, do your best, but don’t let perfectionism hold you back.


How do I know that perfectionism holds you back, drives you crazy and stops other people from benefiting from your talents, skills and knowledge?

I’ve been there!! I actually had the idea for for four years, FOUR YEARS! I wanted to help lots of people, I wanted to make sure that people entering the modelling industry had the best backing behind them and I wanted to help them succeed as well as keep them away from the horrible parts of the industry that I had seen many people go down the wrong path because of, or leave their dream career because of. I had been mentoring people in the industry since 2009 but I wanted my service to be PERFECT… I know that many people missed out on my help because of that and that bothers me. It was only after my little girl was born that I realised that I really needed to reach people that want to become a model worldwide. What did I need to do to help these people? Get over my perfectionism!

Young girls are especially vulnerable when entering the modelling industry if they don’t have the right support behind them, so I know that they need me, having a little girl who started modeling at 6 months old thanks to Mummy really got me passionate about making sure others were armed with the correct information on how to become a model and enter the modeling industry safely so that it can be one of the best experiences of their lives! I was helping 12 people per month in England, UK, to become a model with my modeling tips, modeling skills, modeling knowledge and contacts – I fought against the perfectionist in me and I am now helping 300 people per month worldwide (at the time of writing this blog) and I know that it will continue to grow which I LOVE because I genuinely enjoy helping people with my expertise. 


So, what stopped me from launching BestModelingTips?

Well, actually BestModelingTips did exist, but I just couldn’t put out my content until it was “perfect”… I would constantly tweak the website, the training content, tips etc and no one would get to see much of it because it was never perfect. OF COURSE it wasn’t, because perfect doesn’t exist. Now there’s nothing wrong with tweaking things every once in a while if it’s really necessary… but there is something wrong when it’s stopping your awesomeness from reaching your audience! There will always be someone ‘prettier’, someone ‘smarter’, a better designed website, a better written book, a more popular model, a taller model, a model with a funkier runway walk, a more popular shop or a business with a bigger advertising budget than yours etc – but there will NEVER be another you! Your audience, clients, customers etc will not get the same personality, quirks or service from another source. So it is YOUR DUTY to get yourself out there!


I recently shared a quote with someone on a Facebook comment and I was amazed by the response my inbox got. I told a musician I know that was struggling with perfectionism that I had heard a quote somewhere but I wasn’t sure where it was from. The quote was something like this “Better to have your business out there NOW at 70% finished and reach the customers, finish the 30% along the way, rather than wait for it to be 100% finished and have no customers because someone else has taken your place with their 70% finished business”. You can apply this to anything. In modeling for example, catwalk training or modeling poses are very important parts of being a model. Most people won’t get it right first time, but again you need to get out there with your skills at 70% finished because you want the client to book you and not another model, don’t place obstacles in the way of your success.

People sent me messages elated at my Facebook comment and the quote that I had shared, whilst I am so humbled and happy to hear that, I didn’t realise what I had said was such gold dust. But it is so true that you need to be following your dreams, following your purpose in life. Whether that’s becoming a model, starting up a business, changing your career or even something like doing voluntary work or a charity mission abroad. Do not let anything hold you back!


Sooo… Go get it!! I’d love you to share your journey with me and the audience! Email me at [email protected] or join Best Modeling Tips on Social Media (links at the bottom, or just search us on your favourite platform).


Speak soon! Love Kim xX


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