This Irish teen is an upcoming superstar, you heard it here first!

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Irish Teenager Tonieka WILL Be A Superstar!

Check out our interview below to see why, I know you’ll agree with me!

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This week I’ve got a very inspirational interview with an amazing upcoming model for you, plus her real life inspirational story as told by her, and I’m so delighted that I helped discover her, although I can’t take any credit for it at all because this fifteen year old is one heck of a go-getter. She has overcame challenge after challenge to chase after her dreams to not only be a model, but to be a role model to others, too. She’s a star already, but I know she will be a superstar! The world really is her oyster!

About Tonieka

Tonieka Ryan is 15 years old and lives in Ireland. I’ve been coaching Tonieka for a few months now and I’m inspired by her amazing attitude! Tonieka contacted me in September 2015 looking for guidance on becoming a model. She read my book enthusiastically and applied it to her life, at the same time she entered into modelling competitions. SHE WON a competition and below is our interview on her experience of taking part in a modelling competition and how her winners photo shoot went, it’s always nice to hear first hand from someone who has recently taken part in a modelling competition as I’m sure you may have considered entering one yourself.

For the record, I recommend entering LEGITIMATE modelling competitions, I done it too, because most of all you’ll have fun, gain a bit more confidence and probably make new friends with similar interests. If a successful modelling career blossoms from the modelling competition then GREAT, but you shouldn’t count on that, you need to be constantly chasing your dream career. Becoming a model is hard work, but it is so worth it!

Interview with Tonieka

Kim: Have you always wanted to be a model?

Tonieka: Yes, I love it!!

Kim: What made you want to become a model?

Tonieka: I love how they are like role models to me. I always looked up to how confident they were, it made me act confident so that I could be like them and I’d love to do the same for others.

Kim: Where were you when you found out you had won the competition? How did you feel/ react?

Tonieka: I just woke up and went on Facebook to find out they were 10 minutes away from announcing the winners, I was jumping around the house. I was delighted when they announced that I had won.

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Winner: Tonieka’s photoshoot prize

Kim: What’s your favourite beauty tip?

Tonieka: Never try look fake, always be yourself and just enhance what you already have.

Kim: You always look so stylish! Where do you shop? 

Tonieka: Online because I like being wearing things that are different to what others wear.

Kim: What happened at the winners photo shoot?

Tonieka: They were such nice people, they introduced us to everyone and showed us around. They made us feel welcome and played music which really stopped the nerves and you could tell they were lovely down to earth people.

Kim: Were you nervous?

Tonieka: I was a bit nervous, like everyone is when they try something new, but I wasn’t very nervous.

Kim: How do you feel after it?

Tonieka: I felt amazing and like I had really accomplished something. It made me really happy with myself and I never wanted to leave.

Kim: What would be your dream in modelling? 

Tonieka: Definitely to keep working until I’m too old to walk anymore!

Tonieka has had quite a few challenges in life but she has used them to make herself stronger, she has developed from the negatives. You may or may not know, but that is actually something I actively promote 🙂 After our interview Tonieka shared some of her personal challenges for this article. The reason we chose to include challenges that Tonieka has overcame to get to where she is now, is to show you that you can overcome your challenges and achieve your dreams too 🙂

Overcoming challenges in her life

Tonieka has experienced the feeling and the treatment of being an outcast after moving from the city to the country and moving schools with it, she has overcame a sickness where she was near deaths door, stood up to and rose above bullies to chase her dreams and she’s only fifteen! I can’t wait to see what successes the next few years hold for her.

Here is Tonieka’s real life story in her own words:

I came from the city out to the country so the first year of a different primary school in 3rd class was difficult, one girl became friends with me and the rest hated me because of me being from the city, even though I did no harm to anyone. I was an outcast straight away, even to the teachers and the principal. One day my Mother went in to school and a teacher laughed in her face and said “You’re lucky one girl accepted her!”… I got the blame for everything, but I left after that and went to a different primary school down the road from me and I stayed there till 6th class.


That school wasn’t really much different to be honest, but it was bearable. I made friends with a few girls but the boys were a different story – they used to call me loads of names and mock me at lunch time! Then two of the girls in our small group left and

Tonieka Ryan model interview with Kim Calera founder of, inspirational model

Stunning Role Model: Tonieka Ryan

started to say nasty things, then when I had enough I stood up for myself (without a physical fight, of course) then I started getting kept in at lunch time because they’d make up false stories about me, so I ended up just not caring about anything to be honest.


Then I got E coli before the start of secondary school. I was VERY sick, the doctors told me I was very close to dying and I would be very lucky if I overcame it because it was the worst case you could get of E coli. My kidneys and everything failed! I was going to be sent to specialists at Crumlin hospital but then overnight I all of a sudden got better and it was like nothing ever happened!! The doctors and nurses couldn’t understand it, they were so shocked!!


Being in hospital with E coli meant that I missed the first day of secondary school but after my experience I made sure I got in on the second day! I was determined not to let anything hold me back anymore. So I went in to secondary school all by myself because I knew no one. I sat at the front of the bus and I had no idea where to go when I got there but one girl helped me. I made no friends that day but the second day I made a few and I kept making them but the boys mocked me and called me names, and then a few of the “popular” girls in my class started talking about me behind my back to impress the boys!!


So, I hung out with three girls that I thought were my best friends, but in 2nd year they started to spread rumours about me for no reason and started leaving me out of the group unless they wanted to use me because their Mams and Dads couldn’t bring take them to things. Thankfully I figured them out in 3rd year and I’m happy without anyone fake in my life anymore. I have a few people that I can actually call my best friends now and I’m focused on trying to succeed, be a role and help other people. Hopefully one day it will all come true. I want to help people to see what others are like and also if I can overcome these things then so can anyone else, it was hard to do but I’m so happy with where I am in life for my age. I couldn’t be more blessed. Thanks for everything, Kim, if it wasn’t for you as well I wouldn’t even be where I am.

This girl is absolutely amazing! So strong, so humble and so thankful. I love how determined she is, too! Well done for overcoming your personal challenges and never losing sight of your dreams, Tonieka!! Honestly, she has the characteristics, attitude and personality of a superstar! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Thank you, Tonieka, for inspiring me! I love being inspired, don’t you?!

**I’m on the look out for other awesome people to help and I’d like to shine a light on some more inspirational people who either want to become a model, or who already model.**

If you, or someone you know would like to share an amazing story, PLEASE get in touch! Email me, message me on Facebook, comment on my blog below – or whatever is best for you 🙂 It not only helps you by getting your story out there, of course, it helps other people at the same time as everyone’s story is unique but can have similarities, life isn’t always rosy, but by sharing our experiences and encouragement we can do our bit to help others.


 March to the beat of your own drum! 

Kim Calera xX🙂

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