What on earth is victim blaming all about?!


So this week I found myself in an unbelievable situation, but it happens so often that it DISGUSTS me!

WHY do so many people sit back and watch when something terrible happens? Even worse, WHY do they blame the victim??

I found myself sticking up for a woman who was being told by quite a few strangers that her and her child(ren) were lying about being potentially groomed online, after she took the time out of her own day and, bless her heart, plucked up the courage to warn other parents about the risks. She was even told to sort her child(ren) out and that their actions created the problem. Okay, sorry, but WHAT THE *BLEEP*?!?!?!?!

The problems are not caused by our sweet innocent children using the internet for goodness sake! The problems are caused by the evil predators using the internet to prey on and groom our sweet innocent children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in this case it was predators online, but all of the other evil people in the world are the problems too, of course!) Sorry if the abundance of exclamation marks bothers you, but I’m so passionate about this!!

It completely BAFFLES me that anyone in their right mind would blame the victim for what the perpetrator done, but it happens so bloomin’ often. The victim blaming culture is ridiculous and disgusting. What NEEDS to be done is simple – people need to stop living in their own little bubble, being blissfully unaware or ignorant… We, as inhabitants of this beautiful world, need to wake up and realise that there are a lot of issues and work TOGETHER to make Earth a better place.

If you see something going on that isn’t right, stand up for the victim, or at least do not join in on the bullying – laughing is just as bad. We need to be bright lights in this rather dark world. A little change will spark a little more change and a little more, before you know it we actually really could have changed the world for the better… One thing is for sure, doing nothing lets evil flourish, so don’t ever do nothing! Stand up for the good causes you’re passionate about, be BOLD! Be the change and be the person you needed! The world can become a better place, it just needs the minority to get the ball rolling. 🙂


 March to the beat of your own drum! 

Kim Calera xX🙂

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