Why Taking Time Out Is Important

Why Taking Time Out Is Important

Well hello my beautiful lovelies!!!

Do I seem refreshed?? 🙂 Well I certainly am! My inspiration for this post is my own recent experience (which seems to happen very often) where I took a break from blogging and creating social media content. Why did I do this? It was my Daughter’s BIRTHDAY!! Yay!! It was also my BIRTHDAY!! Yay!! Birthday’s are big in my house, so we had a few days full of celebrations, which obviously required lots of preparation, so in prioritising my wonderful Daughter’s birthday and her party etc, I also knew that something had to give and since creating content takes up a lot of my time, it had to be my beloved Best Modeling Tips.com that I took a break from. I still answered inquiries of course, kept to commitments and done as much planning for my upcoming workshops as possible, but I definitely temporarily reduced my time spent on Best Modeling Tips.com by around 80%.

Believe me, it was not an easy decision to make, I am so passionate about guiding others using my experience, ensuring they keep on the right track, as well as maximising their earning potential and staying safe at the same time – but my number one above EVERYTHING ELSE is my Daughter, my number two above everything else is myself. That’s right – you need to look after yourself, it’s not selfish or self centred, it’s part of loving yourself and actually caring for your clients and customers too, because by having the right balance yourself, you’re going to be giving your best work 🙂

I’m not afraid to let you guys know that I actually used to struggle with work/life balance, working on another one of my businesses constantly was my way of dealing with stress etc and because of my difficult childhood I was SUPER DOOPER determined to succeed, thankfully it didn’t lead to burn out, however I came very close to that point before I made a decision to make some improvements.

Why is taking time out so important?

  1. It prevents burnout.
  2. Your family needs you.
  3. You need your family too. Clients and customers are VERY important in modelling and in business, but they’re not going to care for you if you get ill, or support you through a stressful time, are they?
  4. You deserve time completely away from your business, in order to refresh your mind – it’s productive 🙂
  5. You need to CARE FOR YOURSELF and look after your mental well being.
  6. There is absolutely no point in having a super successful multi billion pound business but having no one to share it with, or letting your business tear relationships apart beyond repair.
  7. Money does not equal happiness. Trust. Me.
  8. Treasured memories and experiences do equal happiness. 🙂

When you’re a self employed model with a good agent and good support around you, you are effectively your own boss – so if you need or want to take time out, you can! The same goes for being a business owner, you are your own boss for a reason! Don’t become a slave to the system, otherwise you may as well get a “job” and work on someone else’s dream. Do your own thing 🙂 If it upsets some people along the way, then they’re either not right for you anyway, or they just don’t get it yet. Think of YOU and your LOVED ONES.

 March to the beat of your own drum! 

Kim Calera xX🙂

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